Show Off

  Years ago when I was fully immersed in the music industry (after pushing my visual pursuit to the backseat because the parties weren't as good) trying to hustle new songs, new albums, new shows, new boots, new haircut I would do something called 'postering'- The act of printing text and groovy image on a 11x17 inch sheet of poster paper, making multiple copies, setting out on the streets of the venue city with the following tools: Stapler, staples, tape, to 'get the word out'. Postering was at its height pre-social media and was a promotional sport to see who could get to an open space on any generic telephone pole/ light standard first. If there wasn't an empty space, you would simply poster over somebody that was most likely to steal some or all of your audience on the same night you're attempting to promote. Postering posterers are still part of the underground promotional fabric but the act itself is difficult to witness, like leprechauns, you blink, y

Art Making

  Art Making (Feb 4th, 2024)  Not really a separate action from ‘existing’ in my life. I lucked out in the time travel of my life. Somehow, the guttural need to express always won the day. Even when I attempted life as a tradesman, I found ways to create. I think that’s it. We are all designed with the creative tickle trunk but it just depends on how deep society keeps burying it that ultimately dictates how long it takes to dig it back out (if ever) and explore the truth and joy of art making. It lives in all of us and when people say “I can’t even draw a stick figure” they are likely envisioning a really cool stick figure, it just hasn’t made it to the paper yet and if it does society borrows from a formulaic aesthetics box that seems to have removed the eye of the beholder dictum. We worry if it ‘looks good’. Years ago I taught figure and still life drawing knowing deep down drawing was and still is the foundation for anything moving forward creatively, including, for me, music odd